49-Passenger Progress Report

On March 20th, our 49-passenger pontoon boat (Explorer 1) made it here to a shipyard in Little River, SC.  The trucking trailer required using a travel lift to move her on and off the trailer which lead to moving her to a shipyard.  I'm always glad for Plan B but on getting this boat it feels like we are on Plan D.  The good is that she is finally ours and is here in South Carolina.  We had to take off both motors to truck her here due to the trailer situation and that has worked to our favor.  We had the motors remounted and tweaked by Jimmy's Marine (Chad did is good job) and they are purring like kittens.  We have placed the canopy back on and had Kipp put new metal siding on.  The old steal was beat up. Kipp is a great metal welder.  Appreciated his quick, dependable and quality metal talent. It is amazing how good the new metal looks.

We have had some warm and cold days working in the shipyard. I had to pull out my adorable hat with bear ears & a ribbon to keep me warm. I'm ready for spring to stay!  We will venture down the Intracoastal Waterway today to bring Explore I to our docks.  It is a celebration journey in light of the long time it took to get her here.  We are dressed for the cold and the long river ride today.  We have packed a lunch and have family & friends along to help. She is almost home!  Yeah!!  It's nice to final say that.  Explorer 1 has a few more hurdles to pass and hopefully will be ready for full service in April!   We are still doing our Semi-Private boat tours until Explorer 1 is ready.  So go ahead and book on the 6-passenger boat!  The osprey have returned and are nesting! 

River greetings,