Slow Passing of Winter!

It has been a cold winter here along the river as it has been across most of the country.  We survived a winter ice storm with little damage.  We have cleared the property of the tree limbs and have placed out the hammock in hopes of calling spring in. 

Not only has spring been slow in coming but our 49-passenger boat has been slow in making her way to Waccamaw River Tours.  We patiently await!  We are ready to welcome her to our waters.  It is said that good things come to those who wait.  I like that thought.  The time has helped us finish the renovations to the Gift Shop, Snack Bar and Education Station.  I have slowly been filling the gift shop up with goodies such as handmade rustic hiking/walking sticks, handmade wreaths and wall signs.  I have been a content and busy beaver making these things.  You'll have to check out my handy work.  We continue to do Nature & Wildlife 1 hour boat tours with the 6-passenger pontoon.  We have had a few glorious warm days in the past week that have made these trips wonderful.  It is nice to not wear a jacket! 

The ospreys have been returning to their nest along the river.  It has been exciting to see them return and prepare their nest.  The alligators are slow is showing their presence since the water temperature is still cold.  Some greenery is starting to show as the March winds are starting to blow the cold away.  Spring is coming and we will be ready for an Opening maybe sometime in April.  We'll keep you updated.

Blessings from the River,