We have our home made business signs up and have about completed the painting of the educational cottage/gift shop.  The last strip of old neon blue paint should hopefully be covered by the end of the week when the rainy weather clears.  We continue to update the inside of the old cottage which will become our nature & wildlife educational center and gift shop in the future.  Rick have been working diligently inside the cottage removing a closet to open up the space & outside replace some old wood facing.  Pete and Nick have been a big help with these tasks.  We are thankful to them. We found some treasures of very old nails and wood within the building that I have recycled into signs.  Most of the wood for this cottage was cut right here on the property.  It is amazing that it is still in very good shape since the original cottage was built in some time in the 1950's. 

For Christmas, I went out into the woods on the property and cut some vines to make wreaths.  It is amazing how wonderful it feels to make your own Christmas decorations.  Of course, man-made ribbon was used to put the finishing touches on.  We are thankful and blessed to have this opportunity to start a business through the amazing gift Aunt Barbara left to Rick.  She would have loved this place as much as she did her cottage on Prince Edwards Island.  This one is for you, Aunt Barbara.  May you be dancing and playing cards with Joyce and your fellow Angels!  Peace and Love, Forever! 

May all of you celebrate the reason for the season!  It will be a life long journey of discovery and growth.  We all are given amazing gifts to use. Have courage. Live this life to your best and serve your purpose.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,...                                                                          Kim & Rick