The beginning......

Welcome to Waccamaw River Tours LLC.  Oct 2013, Capt. Rick Lanigan and I decided to take a chance and create a new business that would combine both our talents/gifts.  My love of nature, wildlife and education along with Rick's captaining abilities and adventurous spirit have melted together. When the dock/property at the Waccatee Zoo became available for lease, it was like a snowball rolling down a hill.  Before we knew it, we had our business license, our 1st pontoon boat for tours and immediately went to work cleaning up the property.  We have power washed the docks, buildings and side walks,. We are painting the buildings and clearing out debris from the yards. We are enjoying the wildlife and creatures that have come to greet us.  Cheerio the peacock and his friends are frequent visitors or I should say we are the visitor.  Cheerio will stand outside the office and honk for my morning cheerios.  Thus he received his name.  Rick and I have uncovered a copper head snake under a pile of logs, had a beautiful rainbow snake make his way across our road, wild deer visiting at the docks and had a baby raccoon hide in a tree by the office.  Everyday is a new adventure of "What will show up today?'  Rick and I are in awe of the serenity and beauty of this magical place that is called our work place.  Together, we are plotting a journey of becoming successful business owners.  Our future is full of hope, joy and possibilities.  Come and watch us grow and enjoy a river adventure or two with us!

P.S.  We have purchased a 49-passenger sightseeing pontoon boat.  If all goes as planned, she should be shipped to us in late December.  She needs some beautification so we will be going to shipyard.  I'll keep you updated.

Rick Lanigan clearing and burning the debris on the property.